The First Step!! 第一歩 !!

I cannot believe that after 2 years, the “book” is finally out! In 2019, I met an illustrator who (after hearing my idea on creating songs for young parents) told me that she would LOVE to help me make picture books for my songs!

2年で「本」がやっと出ました。2019年にイラストレーターの Junkoに出会い、ミッツの歌のアイディアの話を聞いて、是非絵本を描いてみたいと言ってくれました。

It was a new idea for me, and after seeing a sample of her illustrations, I JUMPED at the chance! I loved the way she captured the nuance of my song so poignantly and we were both so excited to start working together!


We made a sample book and started “testing out” the idea with mini workshops in the neighborhood. The parents LOVED it! We were ready to go into production… then COVID hit, and I had to shift gears!


After a year of adjusting, we are back on track and have started our adventures starting with a small booklet to sell in book stores and future workshops!






It went on the shelf yesterday! I’m very excited. Of course it rained, and of course the book store is not ready to open until the 10th of this month! (7 more days!) But here they are ready for a random customer wandering into the back gallery area.