“Sing” by Joe Raposo

“Sing” first debuted on “Sesame Street” in the early 70’s
and became a big hit with release of the song by The Carpenters in 1973
The song is simple and cute but very deep– I love it!

Sing, sing a song (歌おう、歌を歌おう)
Sing out loud (大声で歌おう)
Sing out Strong (力強く歌おう)
Sing of good things (いい事を歌おう)
Not bad (いやのことじゃなくて)
Sing of happy (幸せな事を歌おう)
Not sad (悲しいことじゃなくて)

Sing, sing a song (歌おう、歌を歌おう)
Make it simple (シンプルでいい)
To last the whole night long (一晩中歌えるように)
Don’t worry (気にしないで)
that it’s not good enough (上手いか下手か)
For anyone else to hear (他人に聞かれても)
Just sing, sing a song (歌えばいい、歌を歌う)