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DIVI 4.0 is here!

This is great news for people running websites on wordpress! No more do you have to hem and haw over which “design” theme you should choose for your site! It is getting easier and easier to create with ease with fuller control over the design and layout of content!


I have been using DIVI since it first came out as DIVI 1.0 when I decided to officially start a web page under It was innovative for its time and I loved it from Day 1, since it allowed me the freedom to design and create my page to my content.


I have had the chance to work with Square Space for work. Although I appreciate its selling point in the freedom of design as well, DIVI beats the creative freedom and innovation to Square Space, hands down. Even in the early stages of DIVI, I thought that it square space could not live up to what Divi had and the constant upgrades that remind me that I made the right decision over 5 years ago.

他の人気ウェブサイトサービス、SquareSpaceは仕事で使う機会があります。DIVIと同じようにデザインの自由のあるプログラムとして知られていますが、DIVIの想像の広がり感やアイディア(ワクワク感)ではSquareSpaceはDIVIの足元にも及ばない。と個人的な意見です。初期の頃から、DIVIが優秀と感じ、さらにDIVI 2.0、3.0 そして今回の4.0のよくあるアップグレードの数から5年前以上にDIVIにしてよかったとよく思うことである。

Now, DIVI has come up with DIVI 4.0 (I was still pretty amazed with the new upgrades the 3.0 version had to offer!) and I am over the moon to see that (as I had decided to become a lifetime member 3 months ago) the folks at DIVI does not dissappoint! They come up with new things even before I know that I want them. That’s pretty amazing! 
今回はv4.0 の公開で(前のアップグレード今だにびっくりしていたのに)とても嬉しいです(しかも3ヶ月前にライフタイムメンバーになろうと決心したところで)本当に想像以上のサービスで、何も言うことないです。自分が気付く前に次から次にプログラムを改良するので、毎回驚きます。

Anyway, I am now inspired to redesign my whole website. I would love to do the hard work of the creators at DIVI and Elegant Themes justice with a whole new look for my site. Thanks! 

今日 “” が誕生!

(キャプション機能をONしますと字幕が出ます!) Add life to your English Learning!


今日 が誕生します!

Eigo との暮らしを楽しく、アクセスしやすく、より身近にする、アナタのためのサイトです!



  • (無料)このブログ:身の回りの光景をEigoラーニングの角度から紹介する
  • (無料)16年以上の英語指導の経験で気づいた Eigo Learning へのOnePointつぶやき
  • (初回無料)個人に合わせた個人の為のリスニング・スピーキングプログラム(10月スタートの予定)
  •  オリジナル教材の販売(10月スタートの予定)
  • (パスワードによるメンバーサイト)教室に通っていただいているワンストップ案内サイト



Here we are 10 years ago! 10年前のミッツ。この頃に独特のスタイルの英語教室をスタート。

茅ヶ崎のアンティーミッツ (三川 みつえ), Happy Birthday!

Today is the new beginning for our new site,!

Our goal: to make English learning an easily accessible  part of your daily living here in Japan.

Loving Japan, Loving English is the perfect combination (motivation) for me, Mitz your friendly navigator!

This site will include:

  • (Free) A monthly blog that picks up on daily stuff with an English learning slant
  • (Free) One point ramblings on English learning that are unique to Japanese speakers
  • (Free trial) A new, innovative, custom-made listening/speaking program (starting October)
  • Simple and fun downloadable original resources for kids (for purchase) (starting October)
  • Password protected members site to access products, information and videos (limited to students of the listening program and students of Kids at Play and Coffee Talk (in Chigasaki) )

We expect to see this site develop into a BEAUTY!!

Thanks for dropping by!

Auntie Mitz