the “DR” story

Hello, I’m back! Did you enjoy your Halloween!
Today, I have a video talking about words with “dr”.
AND….I am going to talk about a “different” way to understand English pronunciation, called KataNeigo!
Overcome some “un”useful ‘habits’ and speak English more smoothly! Enjoy!

Recording of English message (英語のメッセージ)

by Auntie Mitz

Mele Kalikimaka!

Mele Kalikimaka!! 最近、茅ヶ崎市がホノルルとの姉妹市になったと聞きました!やったね! I recently heard that Honolulu and Chigasaki...

Sa, “Si”, Su, Se, So– The “S” Storysdz

発音ビデオ第2段 高1の息子の英語を手伝っていたら、 ”言える”けど”言わない”「Sィ」の単語たくさんありました! なぜ言わないかと言うと、 「くせ」だけです! 日本語の50音の流れ的に行けば、...

The Road to Independence

This has nothing to do with English learning... Today, I went to Kamakura for an appointment. The station was really crowded.At peak tourist season (with a festival taking place on the Kamakura shores,) crowds of people were walking steadily towards a narrow...

New Classes, A New Start!!

New Classes, A New Start!!

Sing, Sing a Song!  Hello! Here is a video of me playing "Sing," one of the first songs I learned on my ukulele about 5 years ago! I started a community group teaching English SINGING to members of my community! My first class was today. I had so much fun! I hope my...

How do you connect?

How do you connect?

What does it mean to connect? When do you know that there is one? And why do people (when they claim to have connection) feel it BOTH WAYS -- when there is absolutely nothing physical connecting one being to another? And aren't there times when the connections feel...

Outside, Together (An original song!)

Outside, Together! (A weather song) Hi Everyone! Here is my very first original song to be released on the internet! Feel the sunshine Feel the rain Feel the wind upon my face I like to dance I like to twirl outside Together What Weather do you like? What Weather do...